Shin Ken Kai Nobara is a Muso Jikiden Eishin Iaido group in Calgary, Alberta. We are members of the Dai Nippon Iaido Renmei and follow thier rules and pactices. We welcome anyone interested in Iaido, whether you have studied before or are looking to begin practicing.

We are a located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and are a satellite dojo of Shin Ken Kai dojo in Vancouver BC, Canada. At Shin Ken Kai we are committed to training our bodies, minds, and spirits in the belief that training will improve us and our relationships with others.

Sessa Takuma - Polishing each other through diligent practice. We strive to do this through:

Wholehearted and attentive Iaido practice.
Acting honourably and with compassion.
Developing respect for each other, our Art, and the world around us.

Our head instructor is Dave Rathnow, Sensei(Rokudan) who resides in Calgary, Alberta. Our chief instructor is Ken Maneker Sensei (Kyoshi Nanadan) who resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We study Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu traditional Iaido as taught by Iwata Norikazu Sensei, Hanshi Hachidan, and Omori Masao Sensei, Hanshi Hachidan. We also follow the Iaido curriculum of the Dai Nihon Iaido Renmei.

Getting Started

Anyone wishing to start Iaido should first come and watch an Iaido class to get an idea of what the art is about and how a class is run. If you contact us before you come, we will make sure someone is available to answer any questions you may have. Of course, we welcome casual visitors anytime!

If you decide to start Iaido, as a minimum, you will need a wooden sword (bokuto), a saya (or scabbard), good-quality knee pads, a belt that can wrap around your body at least three times, and some comfortable clothes, such as a sweat pants and t-shirt. Most of the equipment can be obtained from local martial arts suppliers or on the Internet. Finding a saya may not be that easy as they are generally not carried by local stores.